WEEK 15: Perspective

Working on the Red fort project has really made me see how history is not as objective as it claims to be. It’s not that history is told inaccurately, but its narrative is almost exclusively controlled by the conquering majority. The first time I was exposed to this was when I learned that the first Sepoy mutiny was not in 1857 as we were taught, but actually took place in Vellore half a century earlier in 1806. But this fact was not included in any of my prescribed history textbooks in school (and I grew up in Vellore).

With the Red fort project, we tried to cover all the major points in the fort’s history, from its creation till the freedom struggle. However, it has had to go through multiple iterations based on certain preferences (sorry if this sounds vague, but I cannot go into further detail due to heightened sensitivity on a national scale). What’s worrying is that it made me realise that the ability to change history is not merely confined to George Orwell’s 1984.

On a lighter note, a member of the Arctic Fox team visited our office this week.  There was a lot of hustle and bustle to spruce things up before he arrived. Not that our office isn’t normally tidy, but this week involved extra efforts to make it even better. It strongly reminded me of how the most thorough cleaning in my childhood home used to happen just before guests came over.

We ordered a new laptop for the office. It came with a dent in it. Obviously we returned it, but we accidentally returned the warranty as well. So when the Amazon executives asked for it, a lot of confusion ensued. We are still in the process of solving the issue.

Other than that, there’s not much else to report. For the better part of a month it has been raining almost every day in Delhi. But thankfully it has stopped now and the sun is shining once more.

See you next week!

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