WEEK 14: A Small Sigh of Relief

One of the things you learn to cope with at an advertising agency is a certain unpredictability when it comes to the success of your creative ideas. As much as we would like to believe, a good idea in itself is not enough. The decisive factor for whether your idea is accepted or not is actually its presentation. There have been multiple instances where one member of the team presented an idea which was not approved, but when another member presented the exact same idea in a different way, everyone loved it. Presenting an idea is in some ways like writing an academic paper; it is not enough to simply state your claim – you must substantiate it with persuasive logic and build a solid argument, which in this case essentially comprises of four main elements:

1.       An insight upon which the idea was created

2.       Context for the idea

3.       The idea itself

4.       Logical reasoning for why it works

But even if your argument is structurally and logically sound, and you present it with confidence, there is still no guarantee that it will be accepted. In some cases an idea is initially shot down, but then a few days later when brought up again is suddenly a strong winner. And even when an idea is approved, it often goes through multiple iterations before it is presented to a brand.

This week was full of such instances. A simple script of about a page and a half long had to be written and presented to a brand. And yet I had to rewrite it 6 times before it was considered good enough to present. To say it was frustrating would be an understatement.

However, the fact remains that this is something we in the creative team must live with, for we will never present something to a brand unless internally we all feel that it is perfect.

After a lot of changes, the script was finally ready, and we presented it to the brand. We were a little anxious about this meeting since the last time we met this brand, they did not fully grasp the concepts we were trying to explain to them, which needless to say, was not ideal. We wrote a full script this time in order to eliminate any possible confusion.

Thankfully, the brand loved it. The meeting was short and sweet and we all breathed a small sigh of relief as we exited the premises.

The remainder of the film’s execution is the production team’s responsibility now.

See you next week!

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