WEEK 10: All Hands On Deck

What a week this has been!

It began with preparations to pitch the complete Red Fort story flow to the Dalmia group. This was no easy task. The story flow kept changing (it changed three times in two days) and each time it changed, my fellow Creative Manager and I had to rewrite the entire story. It was exhausting. And this is just the beginning. If the project goes into execution, chances are that there will be a lot more changes.

The pitch with the Dalmia group went well. I was part of the team that narrated the story flow to the client. The next step will now be to pitch the show to the government. One of our Humour Me board members who had joined us for the meeting remarked that this idea would definitely shock the government, as it is very unlikely that they will have heard an idea like this before. We can only hope that this shock will be the good kind.

But before we go for the pitch, we have to cost out the entire project, including recurring costs through the years during which it will run. The costs will be finalised today. To meet this deadline, some team members have had to stay in the office till 9.30pm every night this week. The worrying part is that despite all of our work thus far, if the costs are not approved, we won’t even be able to pitch to the government and all of our efforts will have gone to waste.  Such are the risks we have to be willing to take in this industry.

A meeting with Vahdam Tea is also scheduled for today. We had to create an entire content strategy for them. Our strategy team has been working non-stop to try and piece together a viable insight and content plan for the brand.    

Meanwhile, work for Arctic Fox is still on full swing. The production team has been busy editing the Karan Singh Magic film that is going to be released soon. The creative team is also under pressure to quickly come up with more micro content film ideas at a faster rate. Bob, sensing an increase in stress levels, stepped up her game and made sure to always be there for anyone in need of some stress relief. Sometimes she even participates in our discussions. The other day, when our CEO was sharing a potential idea for a micro content film, Bob stood next to him and listened quietly and attentively as he narrated the story. It was adorable.

Everyone is looking forward to Sunday, even though we know that we probably won’t get much respite (the reason being that the government pitch is scheduled to happen on Monday). I’ll keep you posted on how everything goes.

See you next week!

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