WEEK 13: Roller-Coaster Ride

This week began with a meeting with Arctic Fox in Bangalore. Quite a few of us were a part of that meeting, as we had to present some pretty large ideas to the brand. It did not go as expected. The brand liked the ideas, but required more options. It was not the worst meeting we have experienced, but it definitely was not good.

We were initially dejected, but that soon turned into motivation to show Arctic Fox exactly what we were capable of. But when we returned to the office, we were given very little time to brainstorm, for a whole list of jobs awaited us, which were as follows:

1.       Write a screenplay for Vahdam Tea’s first brand film

2.       Write a screenplay for Arctic Fox’s next short form film

3.       Finalise the screenplay for Arctic Fox’s 3D animation film

4.       Create a new treatment for Arctic Fox’s next ‘Day in the Life’ film

In addition to all of this, we were to present our new ideas for Arctic Fox’s larger brand film by the end of the week.

The creative team wasn’t the only one with a lot on their plate. Our digital team has been updating our targeting all week, trying to make sure that our content reaches the right people. In the content game, consistency is pretty important. With the influencer program that we are doing with Arctic Fox, this has been a bit of a challenge due to unprofessional behaviour from some of the influencers. The digital team was busy chasing after influencers who refused to send us their content on time, or sent us content that could not be used.

But the week was not without its fair share of excitement. The landlady of our building got into a shouting match with another woman who had parked in ‘her spot’. When it comes to our landlady, there are two essential things one must remember:

1.       Never park in her spot

2.       If you do happen to park in her spot and she comes and yells at you, never tell her to ‘ask you nicely’

The perpetrator in question violated both of the aforementioned rules and as a result we were treated to a considerable amount of drama (of course, as soon as we heard the yelling from our office everyone immediately abandoned their roles and ran to the window to see the drama themselves).

The week flew by in a hectic blur, with everyone working hard to finish their respective jobs. But there is still lots left to do.

See you next week!


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