WEEK 12: Consistency is Key

One of the most frustrating aspects of this industry is inconsistency from clients. Many times, brands have sent us briefs with very tight deadlines. They then proceeded to badger us constantly, trying to get us to deliver faster, claiming that they needed to release the content very soon, or that they themselves were being pressurised to get internal approvals, etc.  And yet, after all of that urgency, once the brands received the ideas from us, they went radio silent (sometimes for months on end).

This is frustrating because they essentially received ideas for free. When working on a project basis, we only get paid once the project goes into execution and is formally approved by the brand. This is a risk one has to take in this line of work, but it still isn’t fun to experience. What’s worse is that sometimes the same brands have come back to us and got us to ideate for them again and again.

Thankfully, we are no longer in that phase of our journey as a branded content agency. We have more brands on a retainer and are now in a position where we do not have to jump at every opportunity that comes our way. If we feel that we are not being treated fairly, we can now afford to deny clients. However, we do make some exceptions for brands that have given us a fair amount of projects in the past.

The reason I am writing about this topic is because a brand is currently exhibiting the aforementioned behaviour. They came to us months ago with an ‘urgent’ brief, only to go silent after we delivered our ideas. Now they’ve come back with a new brief and I have spent the past couple of days fleshing out fresh ideas for them. As mentioned earlier, the only reason we are entertaining them is because they have given us a lot of projects in the past.

I really hope the project comes through this time and all our work will not have been for nothing.

In other happier news, two new brands have approached us and want us to be their exclusive content partners. One of them is a healthy snacks brand and the other is a tea brand. I’ll tell you they’re names once the official contracts are signed.

See you next week!

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