WEEK 11: A Brush with Celebrity

Progress is happening on the Red Fort project. I have been told that I cannot disclose much at this time, as we are waiting things to be finalised. The Dalmia group has liked our idea and we are in the process of taking it further.

All this censorship does not leave me with much to write about. I can however, tell you that we have approached the one and only Gulzar to write the script for the show. When his manager told the team that Gulzar wanted to speak with us, it caused a considerable amount of excitement. After our CEO finished his conversation with Gulzar, he was bombarded with questions, especially from our Art Director (‘How was he? Was he nice? What did he say?’). The CEO told us that Gulzar said he would be honoured to work on the project! Of course, nothing is final yet.

To begin with, we had to send a presentation to Gulzar detailing the show’s flow, along with tentative script excerpts and a mood board. Our Art Director took quite a while to create the mood boards. On enquiry we found that the reason for this delay was that he had made a lot of extra effort to sketch out detailed scenes from the show so as to impress Gulzar. Here is one of his sketches from the presentation (depicting Nadir Shah’s attack on the fort):

Nadir Shah.jpg

I’ll be able to tell you more about the progress of this project next week.

Meanwhile, I have been commissioned to come up with a new brand film idea for Arctic Fox. I have been thinking all week but inspiration eludes me. If you have been following this journal you will have a fairly comprehensive understanding of the brand’s philosophy. I am open to any creative suggestions you may have.

See you next week!

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