WEEK 9: A Little Bit of Magic

We got the Red Fort project! The Dalmias loved our pitch and want us to now flesh out the idea. The creative team spent most of the week researching the fort’s history and putting together a comprehensive storyline that will be both educational and entertaining. In doing this, we began to realise just how big this project will be. If it goes through, it will run for at least a year at the fort, and if successful, it will continue to run for five years. The time and resources required for this project alone will be massive. We will have to move forward realistically and assess what actually can be accomplished on a sustainable basis.

We are creating a new content series for Arctic Fox. Those of you who are regular readers will recall that Arctic Fox’s brand philosophy is all about relentless optimism and perseverance in pursuit of a dream. This series focuses on people who embody this spirit and have actually battled the odds to chase their dreams. Our first episode features psychological illusionist, Karan Singh ‘Magic’. Working with him was interesting and insightful. He is a pioneer in his field and has worked long and hard to reach where he is today. 

coming_Soon2 (1).jpg


(He also performed a trick on one of the members of our team. At the beginning of the trick, he asked her to name one person in the office she considers her friend. She looked at me and said, ‘Anuradha’.  She claims the blunder was a result of nerves, but now the whole office is calling me Anuradha)

I wrote a script for a 3D animation film for Arctic Fox in which the brand’s mascot is brought to life. The script was pitched to the brand and they liked it. If all goes well, my story might come to life (and I might be able to compose the sound score as well). Fingers crossed!

The team received a pleasant surprise when Vahdam Tea asked us to create content for them. Since the brand caters primarily to global markets, this provides a lot of scope for interesting content that could put Indian advertising on the global map in a unique way.

Another surprise greeted us as the end of the week. For a while, I have been campaigning to get alternate Saturdays off. And this week, my efforts finally paid off! We now get second and fourth Saturdays off in a month. As thrilled as I am, I can’t quite shake the feeling that this will be short lived. Being in the company for two years now, I know that work is not always predictable. All I can do is enjoy this while it lasts. 

See you next week!

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