WEEK 8: Let it Go

This week we were asked to pitch for a very interesting project. There is a light and sound show that takes place at the Red Fort. Right now it is extremely basic, but there are plans to upgrade it and create a new, more exciting show. We were one of the few agencies that were invited to pitch for this project! This means that if we get the project, we will have the chance to tell history through our particular brand of entertainment.

Of course, being who we are, we took the brief to another level and added a few extra elements to our pitch. Thankfully, this received a warm response, but there's still a long way to go before the project is confirmed. 

In other news, we’ve had to let go of one of our clients. If you recall, I briefly wrote about the characteristic traits of good and bad clients in an earlier post. This client had all the qualities (and more) of the latter. We worked with them because we were intrigued by the creative possibilities that the brand had to offer. But after a while, the work was not worth everything else, so we decided to terminate our partnership. None of us feel any kind of remorse. If anything, we are glad that this client is finally out of our hair.

Work for Arctic Fox is continuing as usual. We have decided to experiment with a new art style which I personally really like. The theme here is to bring out the dreamer in us all. This series showcases a spark of creativity in otherwise ordinary scenarios. Take a look:



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Through the course of this week, our air conditioners have been plaguing us with their unreliability. They have failed us when we needed them most and have been generally behaving very erratically. We finally decided to call for help. The repair man came, worked for a little while and then left, claiming to have solved the problem.

Not fifteen minutes later, while we were in the middle of a meeting, smoke began billowing out of one of the air conditioners. In a matter of seconds, the entire office was filled with toxic smoke.

Times like these bring out interesting qualities in people. Most of us jumped to our feet and uttered some sort of exclamation in surprise. Our Senior Creative Manager on the other hand, was out the door before any of us even realised what was happening.   

The air conditioning has been properly fixed now (or so they say) and hopefully we won’t have to deal with such an instance again.

See you next week!

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