WEEK 4: Production in Progress

I’m back! My vacation was lovely, thank you. But it’s time to get back to the grind.

The past two weeks have been production-heavy. We were busy shooting micro content films for Arctic Fox. Most brands look at micro content as a secondary marketing effort, which is why they do not tend to spend a lot of time or resources in the making of this content. You will often find brands’ social media pages populated with simple picture posts or videos with minimal production values. But at Humour Me, we like to add a certain finesse even to our micro content, which is why we schedule a full shoot for a 30 second long film.

The production team had the most work to do this week, from scouting locations all day long, to being awake and alert for 6am shoots. By the end of the week, most of the team was experiencing various degrees of sleep deprivation.

But where their works ends, mine begins. The creative team had to come up with a copy for the end of the film. I learned that writing impactful one-liners is exponentially more difficult than writing long scripts. I have gained new respect for copywriters who have to write such lines every day.

Once a copy was created, the film went to the media team, who published it and added the promotion spends and target audience. Now it’s up to you, the audience to show us whether you like the film or not.  Your response will tell us whether to make more content like this or try something different.

Watch the micro content film here

If you haven’t seen Arctic Fox’s brand film, then this micro content might not make much sense. You can watch the brand film here. In essence, Arctic Fox is a backpack brand. They did not want to be another player in the adventure/sports category, so instead their ideology focuses on creative dreams, and those who are willing to chase their dreams with relentless optimism, even if this means failing many times along the way. The series of micro content films we are currently creating brings this element of perseverance to the forefront.

This week ended with a discussion on all the upcoming work for our current partner brands. From the looks of it, next week is going to be quite busy. I’ll keep you posted.

See you next week!

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