WEEK 18: Full Speed Ahead

We released a new micro-content film for Arctic Fox this week. If you recall, in last week’s post I mentioned that there were some process-related issues regarding a film that we were creating. This was that film. But in spite of the issues, it turned out alright (although it would have been better if we had stuck to the process - I speak purely from a narrative perspective ). Take a look for yourself.

Our office walls also received a fresh coat of paint this week. But for some reason, the painting took place mid-week instead of towards the end of the week, which resulted in us having to evacuate the premises after team members began experiencing side effects from inhaling paint fumes (most of these reactions comprised of varying degrees of nausea, but definitive action to evacuate was taken only after our Account Manager had a break out of what looked like hives.)

Paint fumes are actually the least of our worries right now. We are entering what is gearing up to be the most hectic three months of the year. We have multiple projects lined up from at least four brands, and all of these projects need to be deployed before December ends. A large part of this work involves music composition. Normally, I work on one project at a time; now I’m working simultaneously on at least three. It is a daunting task, but exciting nevertheless.

The team is collectively getting ready for our upcoming marathon – full speed ahead!

See you next week!



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