WEEK 21: Diplomacy

Bob ushered in this week by inadvertently instigating an enormous commotion between our CEO and a third party. Here’s what happened:

Normally, Bob spends a certain amount of time every day lying on the welcome mat outside our office to absorb her daily dose of sun. On Monday, as she was engaged in said activity, a middle aged, rather entitled gentleman wanted to move past her, and while there was ample room around her, he demanded that she be removed. This order was directed at our CEO, who was sipping tea and having a discussion with our Client Services Director nearby. The gentleman’s brusque (and somewhat rude) request startled them, but they then attempted to resolve the issue. However, in the process the gentleman was disrespectful to the Client Services Director, after which the conversation took a somewhat explosive turn.

I heard the commotion from within the office and rushed out to investigate (only because I heard Bob being referred to). I was closely followed by a few other members of the team. Our efforts to calm the situation proved futile and the argument between our CEO and said gentleman escalated to a shouting match in which topics involving age, connections, status and influence all made an appearance (mostly on the latter’s part).  

It got so bad that nearly the whole street came out to watch the drama unfold. Eventually our landlady, with her signature booming voice and intimidating demeanour came to see what was going on. Once she was brought up to speed she denounced the lot of us for making such a fuss over a dog, after which the argument fizzled out and we went back to discussing on-ground branding strategies for Arctic Fox.

On another note, the CEO has instructed me to be more diplomatic in this journal. So from now on, when it comes to the interactions we have with clients or other partners, instead of the bare truth you might have to endure frustratingly vague anecdotes such as this: the team dealt with unnecessary bureaucracy this week with regards to the red fort project.

I worry that even that isn’t diplomatic enough, so I shall now segue to a lighter topic – we’re getting a piano at the office! This is something I have wanted since the year I joined and now it is finally happening. No more will I have to compose music using just the keys on my laptop. For the piano-savvy out there, we are getting the Kawai KDP 110.

Oh, before I forget – the show reel film I mentioned in the last entry has now been uploaded, the voice over of which has been done by yours truly. Watch it here.

See you next week!   

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