WEEK 19: The Calm before the Storm

Considering all the work looming ahead of us, this week was relatively quiet.

We released a new film for Arctic Fox. This is the next episode in our ‘A Day in the Life’ series, which features successful individuals from various industries who chose not walk the trodden path and take a risk to pursue their dreams. This episode features Melvin Louis, who is a well-known choreographer. Watch the video here.


Above our office is the office of an event company called Curate. This week quite a few people walked into our office thinking it was Curate’s office. This happens fairly frequently, and I fail to see why. We have a very prominent sign that says ‘Humour Me’ on our door and yet we still regularly manage to get people who walk into our office and ask me, “Is this Curate?”

I must confess that at times I find it difficult to control the somewhat rude response that so readily presents itself to me.  

In other news, we are working on an animation film for Arctic Fox, in which the protagonist is the animal of the same name. We have been using Bob to model as a reference for the fox’s various movements. However, since Bob spends most of her time sleeping, getting some of the more active reference movements we need has proven to be quite a challenge.

The whole office has been closely following the developments of India’s equivalent of the #MeToo movement. The truths that have come to light are simultaneously horrifying and unsurprising. I will not delve too much into the issue as that is not what this journal is for, but I must say that in such a charged climate, when we saw the new Ching’s advertisement, we were stunned into silence (for more reasons than the one pertaining to the aforementioned issue). See for yourself.

See you next week!

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